May, 2012


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I am a huge fan of this new comer in the Latina porn star game Natalia Robles, and am super glad to see that she's a part of the new Free 8th Street Latinas porn "Sheer Seduction. Natalia looks just like one of those American Appeal models and fucks like a goddamn bull on steroids. This chick just loves to grind deep on top of a blue steel dick and she looks fucking incredible while doing it. This is just one of those videos like that hot Ava Love video we did a short while back in which you can spend all day watching and still won't get sick of it. See Natalia Robles in action today, only at 8th Street Latinas!

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Today Free BangBros gives all you lesbian porn fans one extremely amazing and raunchy, lesbian porn update straight from our buddies over at PowerPunch. We have the foxy and totally dirty women- Lexi Belle, Kelso D’Love and Nikki Brooks. These kinky pornstars are looking more beautiful than ever and feeling very confident after spending time at the salon. In results, they’re totally in the mood for a naughty, lesbian group sex. They become aroused as they feel each other physiques continuously and kiss their most private areas thoroughly. But this girl on girl orgy certainly does become raunchy and very much intense.

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Much like latina porn star Cami Miller, the hottie in this new free 8th Street Latina video "Book and Nookie" is really good at anal sex, and when I say "really" good, I mean that she's "REALLY" good. Seeing this babe slide her super wide culo up and down a greased shaft was so hot that I still have an erection from it after watching the video over 3 hours ago! I don't know how the government allows porn videos as hot as this one to exist! There ought to be some sort of laws or something!

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