May, 2012


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I think that in recent years, the porn industry has shifted its focus away from making cum shot videos and have instead focused more on niche porn and reality porn and the ilk. Today, here at free 8th Street Latins, we are kicking things old school by brining to you this hot Latina threesome cum shot video that puts the cum in the starring position that it deserves! In this video, you get to see cum shooting in babe's faces, and tits, and pussy and basically all over the place! Much like this classic episode of 8th Street Latinas, It's so hot that you won't be able to stand it, so check it out today!

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You better be prepared for things to get messy with porn star Jessi Foster in this episode of Free 8th Street Latinas that goes by the name of "Checkered Fun." In this episode, the one and only Jessie Foster - that Latina hottie from Denver, Colorado - spends some time in the garage and a little bit more time on the floor getting the living shit fucked out of her. I think it's super hot, especially the way that Jessi Foster smears motor oil all over her hot body later in the movie.

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Poseemos una pequeña novedad para ti aquí en Reality Kings, por que pienso, que una foto habla vale mas que mil palabras, aun mas cuando se quiere hablar de esta Latina delgada siendo cogida bien duro. En esta porno esta dama de Guatemala implora  por conseguir un miembro que la clave bien adentro de su rajadura, ella no solo obtiene eso sino que muchas cosas mas. A ti te invito a que aprecies esta filmación ahora mismo, el contenido están inconcebible que te dejara chiflado. Básicamente por la escena de la chupada de pene.

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Today on Free 8th Street Latinas, we bring to you a featured episode that goes by "The Deal" and features some good ole' fashioned deepthroat hispanic porn. This video is really great for all of you out there who happen to be big fans of watching hot Latina babes do oral sex in the most intense way possible. This particular chick in the video just doesn't kiss the dick for just a little bit - she opens up her mouth wide and swallows it down her throat until it hits her stomach! Man, why can't I meet latina babes as hot as this one in my own life? Oh well, at least I have this hot 8th Street Latinas porn.

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