May, 2012


It's tuesday, so you know what that means...a brand new 8th Street Latina episode! Today's 8th Street Latinas episode goes by the name of "Shower of Love" and it features some hot Latina ass that is so incredible that it will just blow your mind. In this episode, you'll basically see the whole rainbow of sex moves so you better brace yourself, especially if you're not used to seeing super intense anal-oral-vaginal combos.

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The chick in this video is just plain ridiculous. I'm serious. I honestly want to plant a flag in her ass and declare it in the name of me, I am in love with it so much. I mean, it's basically her own personal flotation device! That ass is just so big that whenever she sits down, she's 3 inches taller!

I think my favorite part of this whole video is just how this chick does such a great job of doing oral sex, no matter the form - whatever she's eating out her best friends or swallowing the cock of this dude she just met, this chick really has it going on in the lips department...or, perhaps, should we say that she "has it going DOWN?" Whatever it is, I suggest that you watch this video today!

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I don't know if you have spent some time in Miami, but if there is one thing that you should know about the place is that the babes there really know how to fuck. We're paying tribute to that fact with today's free 8th Street Latinas content, dedicated to the documentation of that hot Miami phenomenon - the Latina fuck. I have a hard time deciding myself, but I think my favorite thing about this whole Latina fuck video is the fact that this chick has great tits and uses them to titty fuck her partner. It's just so incredible that it will blow your mind!

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If you're a fan of hispanic penetration porn, then you can't do a whole lot worse than this 8th Street Latinas tube video called "Fire Pussy." Why does that porn have that title? Probably because this chick rubs her vag up and down the cock so hard that you would swear that it would catch on fire if it wasn't for the fact that she was just so goddamn wet all the time!

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This porn is one of those special porn videos that we here at 8th Street Latinas specialize in - featuring one hot babe with a shit load of curves who's taste for the dick is so intense that you would swear that it was greater for her taste for life or something! This chick is really one of the best that we have ever had on 8th Street Latinas, so be sure to check her out!

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My favorite part of this whole video is the anal part. About halfway through having her sweet pussy fucked, this chick pulls out, turns around and looks at the dude and begs him to stick that rock-hard dick of his far, far up her ass. Man, why can't I run into hot chicks like that in real life? Oh well, looks like I'll just have to settle for the magic that is 8th Street Latinas!


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Carmella Diamond's name doesn't lie - she's sweet like carmel and shines like a diamond in every film she does. What more can you expect from a chick from Miami Beach? That part of the world basically has sex-starved hotties as their king crop! Starting at the fresh age of 18, this chick has really shown that she knows what it takes to make it in the porn industry in the past 5 years, so check her out today!

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Have you ever seen a Cuban threesome before? Well, if you watch this "Traga Leche" episode of 8th Street Latinas, you can be sure that you have! What makes Cuban threesomes so much more hotter than the regular thing is that Cuban babes have that latin flavor in them that gives a little extra spice in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

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Right from the start, this Cuban sandwich that this babes engage in is super hot. The moment they took off their clothes, my eyes where popping over just how hot they where, and my penis began popping the moment they began to lick each other's pussies in a super-intense 69 session! I don't think there is a force in the world that can stop this Cuban threesome once it started getting going!

I highly suggest that you sign up for 8th Street Latinas today just so you can have a chance to see this whole super hot porn action. Never in my life would I thought I would have an erection so long until I saw this video. I basically had to hide in my office all day after watching it!

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We have a special treat for you today here at 8th Street Latinas, we're going to give you a sneak preview of most favorited 8th Street Latinas episode of all time. It's called "Lock n' Cock" and it features some Cuban anal porn that is so raunchy that you just won't believe it! There is a reason that so many 8th Street Latinas fans deemed this as their favorite video - the sex in it is just plain incredible! Get with the program and watch one of the most popular 8th Street Latinas videos of all time. You will not regret it at all!

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