May, 2012


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Ok, it's the end of the week for us here at 8th Street Latinas, and we're really bringing out all of the stops. This chick that we have on today's episode is this sexy Latina brunette who does a sexy Latina brunette anal video that will just blow your mind! In this 8th Street Latinas episode "Ice Baby," we manage to catch up with this saucy, sexy, super hot Latina who just loves to have things stuck up her ass and has the most perfect ass in the world to look at when sticking things up there!

I think my favorite thing about this whole video is just the look the babe has on her face when the dick gets first stuck up her ass. It's a look off surprise and a look of happiness at the same time - it's something that is really hard to describe, you sort of have to see it for yourself. And while you're seeing it for yourself, make sure you fast forward to the deep throat's a classic!

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NAME: Zeina Heart
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Black
SHOE SIZE: 6 (US & Canada Women Size)

It is love that makes the world go 'round, they say. I tend to agree with that idea, and have ever since I saw Latina hottie Zeina Heart on this 8th Street Latinas episode "The Right Size." Of course, it goes without saying that the "Right Size" the title refers to is the size of the dick that Zeina Heart fucks. This chick might have a really tight pussy, but that doesn't mean that she isn't willing to answer the call of duty when it comes to banging a rock-hard monster dick!

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Did you know that this hispanic hottie comes from Ontario? I didn't, and I also didn't know that this chick has a Latina, black & Oriental background! That's quite a few ethnicities, and I guess it kind of figures that she's from one of the most diverse cities in the world! You should do yourself a favor and see this hottie with those 34B-24-34 measurements of hers go to action!

Another great thing about Zeina is the fact that she's been at the porn industry for quite a long time - working the system since 2006. You can tell that she really learned quite a lot over the last couple of years! I really hope to see her continue the great work for years to come!

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NAME: Rebecca LinaresĀ 
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SHOE SIZE: 6 (US & Canada Women Size)

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What makes Rebecca Linares so hot? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's a Spanish mama from San Sebastian who has a 34D-26-34 frame and just loves to fuck more than anything else in this entire world! This chick started out making fuck films in Spain all the way back in 2006, but since then she hooked a ride to the USA and has been making hot porn movies ever since!

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This chick might be pretty short - 5'2'' - but that doesn't mean that she doesn't pack a pretty powerful punch. I love seing her get completely naked and just ride on a dick for hours on end...and you will probably feel the same way if you just check out this video today!


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