June, 2012


It's the beginning of the week here at 8th Street Latinas, and we're totally ready to get things going! Working off of that really awesome smooth ass video we did this week, we're going to continue showing hot asses by presenting the one and only Mercedes Cash & her incredible culo shaking all over the place. If you see only one 8th Street Latinas episode this year (and I don't know why you would - our subscriptions are only $1) then I suggest that you watch this episode Shiney Hiney! It's just plain incredible!

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Do you like Free 8th Street Latinas videos of hot chicks sucking huge dick? Of course you do, and because of that (and because we love you fans so much) today's featured video is of a really hot chick who just can't get enough of going down on a dude with a super big schlong! You should hear how this chick reacts when she first sees the dick - you would think that she landed on the moon or something from the way that she reacted!

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Today, 8th Street Latinas is proud to present a smooth ass in our really great episode "Royal Rub Down." In this episode, this Cuban babe enters into the 8th Street grotto and shows off her incredible body in a bikini. And then she shows off her incredible body WITHOUT that bikini, with her smooth ass and everything! I could honestly stare at that goddamn thing all day and never tire.

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The chick then begins to suck the dude off and gives one of the best blow jobs I have seen in the longest time. In fact, I think the only time that I have seen a blow job better than this one is the hispanic penetration video called "Fire Pussy." This chick in Royal Rub down knows all of the rules of blow jobs - handling the balls, looking up at the camera, and sucking the cock all the way down her mouth. It's just way too hot to miss out on.

I think my favorite part of this entire porno is the scene where the chick takes it up the ass. Apparently she never did anal before and was really curious to what it was like. Well, judging from her incredible reaction, I would say that this chick REALLY liked taking it up the ass! See for yourself by watching this Royal Rub Down episode of 8th Street Latinas today!

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Thongs seems to be something that you don't see as much as you did back during the early 2000s, when the "Thong Song" was playing all over the radio, but we here at 8th Street Latinas hopes to being the trend back with this Latina thong video. It comes from an episode called "Aiming For Ava" and features one of the hottest chicks that we have ever had on our site - I would say hotter than even Jessie Foster, and that's saying something!

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I have to say that my favorite part of this entire movie - without a doubt - is the scene in which Ava does some creampie porn. Why? Because right after she gets cum all inside of her pussy, her best friend comes out from the pool deck and starts to eat her out, slurping up all of the sticky cum that is deep inside of her! That's some hot 8th Street action that you just don't see every day!

I really hope that you take the time out of your busy day to watch this 8th Street Latinas porn. We worked really hard on it, and personally I feel as if it is among some of the best work that we have ever done. If you like high-quality porn for really low prices, then I suggest that you sign up for 8th Street Latinas today!

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We like to bring in new blood all of the time here at 8th Street Latinas, and this Pamela Foxx is the newest of the new blood! This chick is so new to the porn industry, that she doesn't even have a Free Ones profile yet, but that doesn't mean that she's really fucking great at making porn! In fact, watching this video I would say that this chick has been fucking on camera for years unless somebody told me differently!

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I really like the way this chick moans when she gets eaten out. Sometimes you can just tell that certain chicks are sex maniacs from the way that they cum, and this chick is most certainly a sex maniac! If you haven't seen this Sexy Situation video yet on 8th Street Latinas, check it out now!


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You should also see how great this chick is at sucking dick. She just has a way of slobbing a knob that is magical. I mean, first of all, she sucks at the WHOLE shaft...that's right, she does deep throat and doesn't care who knows it. She also covers all of the other bases like playing with the balls and making plenty of eye contact!

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