Soffie Latina porn Reality Kings

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we had the smoking HOT Latina babe Soffie on for your pleasure. As Mirko and Tony cruised along down the rode, they saw a sexy booty in the distance, as they got closer, it only looked better and better. When they rolled up on Soffie, she was talking on the phone walking along the rode with a shopping bag in her hand. She had just gotten off the bus and still had a couple miles to walk to get home. They guys got right to the point and offered her some hard cash to come back with them for an interview. She was into Mirko and needed the money, so Soffie went along for the ride.

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Back at the house this fine Latina stripped down and showed off her goods. She had an ass that was nice and juicy and a big beautiful pair of tits. Mirko wasted no time shoving his face in her pussy and licking it all up. He even licked that hot little asshole, and Soffie loved it. She returned the favor by taking his cock all the way down her throat. By then, they were both super horny. Mirko pounded that pussy like a wild man from several different angles until Soffie was orgasming hard. When it was his turn, he pulled out and shot his load all over her pretty face. You won't want to miss this one!


Jessica Fuentes Latina porn star

Levi caught up with Jessica Fuentes as she was coming out of a store from doing some shopping. Tony and Levi had met her at the club and offered her a ride home. Being she knew them, and it was such a nice gesture, she jumped in the car with them. Tony reminded Jessica how she never let him film her in the club. She played nice and started to flash her hot Latina tits and ass at him in the car. Back at the house, this sexy babe quickly stripped down to reveal and incredible juicy booty.

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Levi squeezed it, pulled down her panties, and started eating her pussy and ass. That got Jessica hot, so she played with her pussy the whole time she gave Levi a blowjob. Levi went on to pound that hot pussy deep and hard from various positions. Jessica loved that and took that dick like a champ. She even got on top and rode him hard until she was orgasming. When it was Levi's turn, he pulled out and shot a huge load of cum all over Jessica's pretty face. This is one 8thStreet Latinas video you will not want to miss!


Luna Delovo big ass porn

This week, we had a Latina on with a crazy big ass by the name of Luna Delovo. She'd talked about buying a motorcycle from Tony, so he invited her over to workout a deal. Peter was part of that, but for the time being, he was just doing a little maintenance to one of the bikes. When cute ass Luna popped out the car in a mini-dress, the guys were blown away by that booty. Tony was already giving the bikes away at a super low price, but Luna wanted them for free. That meant she had to work some dick to get her freebie, and that's where Peter came in. First thing Luna did was pull up her skirt and show off that big, delicious, Latina ass.

Then she pulled down her panties and shook that booty around for us. That alone already had Peter hard and ready to fuck. After clapping that sweet booty some more, she sucked on Peter's cock like a champ. But the best was to come. Luna was a freak, and in doggy style, Peter just stuck out his cock, and she went wild grinding her pussy into it. Then she got on top and worked that hot pussy and ass. Peter banged that pussy good until Luna was orgasming. When it was his turn, he pulled out and blasted a huge load all over Luna's face and completely covered it.


Desiree Lopez Latina porn star

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we had Desiree Lopez. All we can say about Desiree is HOLY SHIT she was HOT! This Latina was out by the pool when the episode started, and we didn't think much. Once she got up and turned around, we were like daaaammmnnn, look at that booty! But it only got better somehow because Desiree pulled out a pair of nicest, natural, Latina tits you'd ever seen in your life. She went on to do all kind of booty shaking and twerking by the pool, as she stripped down naked. Her ass was so round and bubbly, that she could grip a water bottle between her butt cheeks. It was AMAZING. We couldn't wait for the action to begin. And then Peter showed up. He licked Desiree's pussy good, and she returned the favor by giving him an awesome blowjob. Then they headed indoors where Peter banged that sweet Latina pussy deep and hard from every angle, as Desiree's big tits bounced up and down from the pounding. When he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out and covered her in his man juice. Desiree loved that final touch. Don't miss this one!


Mimi Latina yoga porn

Levi called us out to meet up with him at the gym. He had this sexy Latina named Mimi he was trying to pull for an episode of 8thStreet Latinas. She had an incredible ass on her, and when Levi flashed us her tits in the parking lot, we knew this girl was down. Back in the car on the ride over to the house, the teasing continued, as Mimi pulled out her huge Latina tits and started playing with them. Levi took down her pants and started to eat her pussy from behind. Mimi liked that. And when Levi started to lick her booty, Mimi perked up and shouted out in surprise.

It got her really hot. She got Levi back by sucking his cock good and getting him rock hard. Then she begged him to give it to her. Levi did just that and banged that sweet Latina pussy all over the living room. Mimi loved the pounding and orgasmed several times, as her huge tits bounced up and down. Levi got the green light to cum on her face, but Mimi had no idea what to expect. Levi unloaded on her so hard, her face was completely covered, and she couldn't even open up her eyes. This is one awesome 8thStreet Latinas video you won't want to miss!


Danira Love Latina porn

Tyler had gotten a call from the Reality Kings to go pick up a hottie they had waiting for him named Danira Love. All he was told was she was a sexy Latina that he couldn't miss. When Tyler pulled up, he sat waiting bored in the parking lot a few minutes. In his mind, he though Danira was a no show. That was until he just saw an incredible ass coming at him from across the parking lot in some tiny jean shorts. It was Danira, and Tyler was in Latina ass heaven. She did a little spin for us, and were like daaammmmnn!!! What a booty! In the car, Danira was a little freak and pulled out her titties for us to see. They some nice, sweet, Latina titties with some hot tanned nipples. Once they got to the house, Tyler was eager to see what Danira had waiting for him.

She shook that hot ass, and we got a peak at that pussy print. That inspired Tyler, and he went straight for it. After he sucked her pussy good, Danira returned the favor by taking his cock down her throat and giving him a marvelous blow job. Then she bent over and spread those legs to give Tyler a nice entry view. He got in that pussy and pounded it like it was the last time he would ever fuck again. He must've really been inspired by the Latina thickness. Tyler didn't let up on that pussy until the very end when he couldn't take it anymore, pulled out, and busted a huge load of cum on Danira's face.


Nikki Lima latina porn picture

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we've got a real treat for you, and her name is Nikki Lima. Tyler had come across this sexy and curvy Latina while he was out partying at the club. They exchanged numbers and had only engaged in small talk up until then. Nikki told Tyler that she was interested in meeting up and hanging out, so he made it a little date, and they decided he'd pick her up at nearby plaza. When we arrived, we could see from across the parking lot who Nikki was. She had on a sheer top that totally revealed those succulent Latina tits, and she had an ass on her that was out of this world. Right there in the parking lot, Nikki was already letting Tyler squeeze her hot tits, so we knew it was on. ... Click Here to Watch Video


Kimberly Gates blow job

This week, we had the hot ass Latina wonder Kimberly Gated on 8thStreet Latinas. Right when the car pulled up to the garage, we could see Kimberly with her hand on Cody's cock. She was a hot little El Salvadorian chick that was dying to get fucked on camera. After introducing herself, she pulled her panties to the side to reveal that spicy Latina pussy. After some head in the car, they headed in doors where Kimberly stripped down, and Cody sucked that pussy and licked her asshole. Kimberly returned the favor by sucking on his cock. She gave him an incredible blow job, but Cody was more than ready to get into that hot taco between her legs.

Kimberly Gates Latina porn

He banged that tight pussy from various angles and gave that cock to Kimberly deep and hard. Then Kim got on top and rode that dick like only a true Latina freak could. When Cody couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out and busted a huge load of cum all over Kimberly's gorgeous face. She was such a freak that she looked into the camera and said in Spanish how much she loved cum, as she licked it all up. You will not want to miss the 8thStreet Latinas update with Kimberly Gates. She is one wild Latina you won't forget about anytime soon.


Rebecca Blaze Latina porn

The guys were at it again this week on a hunt for a sexy Latina. This time they got really lucky and came across Rebecca Blaze in a nearby apartment parking lot. She was looking super sexy, and she was having trouble moving boxes out of her place, so Levi saw the perfect opportunity to get in on the action. He not only helped her out, but convinced her to become their new roommate. It turned out, her cheating boyfriend had left her with the apartment bills and skipped town. She didn't want to move, but couldn't afford the rent. In this way, the arrangement seemed ideal. But the truth was, Levi wanted to bang Rebecca. Back at the house, they unloaded her boxes, and Rebecca started getting frisky.

She stripped down to her thong, and Levi started slapping her ass and squeezing her booty. Rebecca put on a nice little striptease before she started rubbing her pussy to get it nice and wet. After that she decided to suck on Levi's cock. Rebecca took that dick down her throat like only a Latina vet could. Levi sucked that pussy and licked that booty hole before he went balls deep into that sweet Latina snatch. Rebecca was a freak and rode his dick like a wild bronco. When he couldn't take anymore of that pussy, he pulled out and busted a load of cum all over her face.


Jade Jantzen Brazilian porn on 8thStreet Latinas

Peter and the guys were on the road to scope out hot local Latinas when they came across Jade Jantzen in a parking lot. It was impossible to miss a gorgeous Brazilian babe doing circle aimlessly with a shopping cart. They pulled up to ask her if she was lost, and Jade told them her car was gone. When they got the bottom of it, the guys found out she was late on her payments, so her car got repoed. They offered her some cash in the parking lot to come back with them, and Jade was so frisky, she flashed her tits in the parking lot before they had even left. Back at the house, Jade stripped down and showed off her amazing Latina body. She had sweet tits with dark nipples, a slim waist, nice hip and thighs, an ass that was more delicious than ice cream, and a pussy you wanted to rub all over your face.

Peter wasted no time get right into that nice Latina pussy with his tongue. After he got Jade hot, she returned the favor by giving him an incredible blow job. This girl sucked dick like a champ, and once peter was sprung, he went balls deep into that hot Brazilian pussy. Jade was so damn fine that it was just crazy hot to watch her get fucked. It really didn't matter what the position or anything. If you want to see a perfect 10 Latina getting dicked down then don't miss the Jade Jantzen video. She even took a hot shot of cum all over her pretty face.

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