NAME: Cassandra Cruz
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black

Stop. Collaborate. Listen, or at least read this. We have some Latina facial porn for you today that is just going to utterly blow your mind. It features the one and only Cassandra Cruz (this year celebrating her 6th year in the porn industry, congrats, baby!) doing what she does best; sucking dick and fucking her ever living brains out. It's no wonder that this chick is one of the top Free Ones porn stars of all time.

Watching this chick in action is just spectacular to watch, I mean her incredibly tight body (34B-25-35) somehow manages to pack quite a punch. I have no clue where she gets all of this energy - other than from her insatiable libido! I think there is nothing in this world nicer than a really hot babe who knows how to fuck the right way. This naked Cuban babe really knows all of the rules of the bedroom! (and made up some of her own!)

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One funny little anecdote about Cassandra Cruz is the fact that she used to work in the marketing department at The Disney Corporation of all things, but got fired when people upstairs found out about her dirty little side job. Man, that must stink...but it gives her more time to make even more great porn, so it's not all bad!

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NAME: Yurizan Beltran
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

Before you check out Yurizan Beltran on Free 8th Street Latinas movies, I thought that I would lay a little bit of trivia on your ass...did you know that even though Yurizan Beltran first started out in the porn industry back in 2005, it took her 5 years before she decided to do a man/woman scene? That's because this chick is one of those super deliberate babes who likes to weigh every option before making a decision.

This type of mentality really shows in her films, as this chick is one of those babes who, when she fucks, puts her entire body and soul into the act! I have never seen a babe so in love with the dick as Yurizan Beltran is. This star of 47 films has really set the world on fire with her hot 34DD-24-34 body and incredible blow job techniques. If there is one porn star to keep an eye on, it is this one!

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Have you ever seen a Cuban threesome before? Well, if you watch this "Traga Leche" episode of 8th Street Latinas, you can be sure that you have! What makes Cuban threesomes so much more hotter than the regular thing is that Cuban babes have that latin flavor in them that gives a little extra spice in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

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Right from the start, this Cuban sandwich that this babes engage in is super hot. The moment they took off their clothes, my eyes where popping over just how hot they where, and my penis began popping the moment they began to lick each other's pussies in a super-intense 69 session! I don't think there is a force in the world that can stop this Cuban threesome once it started getting going!

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We have a special treat for you today here at 8th Street Latinas, we're going to give you a sneak preview of most favorited 8th Street Latinas episode of all time. It's called "Lock n' Cock" and it features some Cuban anal porn that is so raunchy that you just won't believe it! There is a reason that so many 8th Street Latinas fans deemed this as their favorite video - the sex in it is just plain incredible! Get with the program and watch one of the most popular 8th Street Latinas videos of all time. You will not regret it at all!

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NAME: Ava Love
BIRTHDAY: November 24, 1987
BOOBS: All Natural
EYES: Brown

Have you had a chance to see the 8th Street Latinas episode featuring Ava Love? It's called "Aiming for Ava," and I honestly found it to be so intense that I decided that I wanted her episode to be our Featured 8th Street Porn of the Week on this blog. This chick is just so hot that I want the whole world to know about her.

Ava first popped into the porn industry all the way back in 2009, and since then she has really shown the world that she has what it takes to make it in the world of adult entertainment. Also, she has really shown the world her pussy. A lot. And it looks incredible. So does her super hot 38DD-30-42 body and that killer smile on her face. This chick has it all, and you're missing out by not watching her videos.

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NAME: Ann Marie
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SHOE SIZE: 7.5 (US & Canada Women Size)

This Ann Marie chick is really blessed when it comes to the looks department, which is why I'm getting on my news and thanking the Gods that she's on Free 8th Street Latinas, doing the episode Algo Especial. This chick looks just so great fucking, and I honestly can spend all day watching her do her hot, sexy stuff! Check out this video today, if you dare!

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So, what is it that makes that porn star Ann Marie so hot? Well, first of all this chick has been going at the porn game since 2001, so you can tell that she really knows what she's doing in the sack. Also, she has an amazing, tight 34B-27-34 frame that just looks great when riding on top of a really hot dude! Oh, and not only that, but this chick is the absolute MASTER at giving oral sex! Hot, hot, hot!

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Ok, you might want to brace yourselves because this Brazilian penetration porn that we have for you at 8th Street Latinas tube is just so intense that you could lose your mind! The chick on it is one of those super-hot chicks that only exists in your dreams and right here at 8th Street Latinas. If you think you have seen great porn before, you better check out this movie because it is one of the best! Be prepared to re-organize your top 10 favorite porn list after you see this Brazilian penetration porn!

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NAME: Sabrina Taylor
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

Just by looking at this Sabrina Taylor nude photo gallery makes me all hot and horny. This chick is honestly one of the hottest babes that we have ever had on our website, and we are more than proud to share her with you. With her sexy 36C-28-32 frame and sexier California accent, this chick is the real deal. You should see how she sucks the dick, it's one of the best things that I have ever seen in my entire life. If you like great porn, then check out this Sabrina Taylor nude photo gallery today!

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Today on our site, 8th Street Latinas brings to you some hot hispanic orgasm porn. Do you want to see a chick who really knows how to pleasure her man and possibly a couple of women as well? Then this is the movie that you should check out. This chick is the best at taking of the ass, there is just something about watching her writhe and moan with pleasure that turns me on so much that I can't take it. If you like great porn (and I know you do) then you should watch this hot hispanic orgasm porn right now!


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