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Isabella Darling porn on 8th Street Latinas

Levi and the crew were out hitting the mean streets of South Beach when they came up on Isabella Darling. This gorgeous Latina was in nothing but a tied-T, a pair of skates and a red thong. Her ass looked delicious, and she was fine as hell. They guys started sweet taking her and found out that her BF had recently cheated on her. Isabella was still a little pissed, so when they offered a chance to get back at him, she jumped on it. And just like that, they headed back to the house for some action. The guys went all out with the baby oil and spread it all over her beautiful ass. She shook that booty and twerked and made us loose control.

Isabella was a real freak and wanted that dick bad. When Levi whipped it out, she got right to sucking on it. Isi gave great head and we couldn't wait to see her in action. Levi made sure to put that to work. He stroked that pussy good and deep from multiple angles. That made Isabella totally go insane. He made that pussy purr like a kitten, and pretty soon, she was orgasming hard as hell. It's not every day you see a Latina this fine working a dick. When Levi had reached his limit, he pulled out and busted a nut all over her pretty face.


Veronica Lemos Latina threesome on 8thStreet Latinas

This week, we met up with the sexy Latina, Jaye Summers, at the house. She was super cute and had a fine curvy body. Jaye tempted the camera man with her hot tits and booty. She started to strip down and told him that she had a surprise for him. Then Jaye called in her hot Latina friend, Veronica Lemos. Together, the girls started to strip. Veronica had some big tits and a nice ripe ass. They started making out and feeling each other up. Pretty soon, the ladies were sucking each others pussies. Tyler was being a perv looking in from the window with his dick in his hand.

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We told him to stop messing around and come inside. Once he came in, Jaye and Veronica got sweet on his dick. They both laid out on the bed, and took turns taking Tyler's cock into their mouths. What ensued was an all-out threesome. The ladies both rode that cock and got their pussies drilled while the other played with their pussy or ate them out. Tyler took the time to stroke those pussies right until they were orgasming. Then he pulled out and blasted his cum load all over their pretty faces. You won't want to miss a second of this one!


Lucy Deville porn on 8thStreet Latinas

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we had on the lovely Lucy Deville. Tyler had told his crew that he had scoped out the ladies at the local lingerie shop, and that they would always hang out in the back in skimpy outfits. It was a no-brainer, and they all headed down there. When they pulled up, Lucy was all by herself on a smoke break. Tyler introduced himself, told her he was a porn star and asked if she wanted to come with him to make a video. Lucy said it sounded like fun, flashed her nice big tits and jumped in the car with them.

Back at the house, she dropped her drawers and showed off that ass too. It was so big, ripe and juicy, you just wanted to bury your face in it. Tyler sucked those titties, and Lucy got him back with an awesome blow job. Then he sucked her pussy to get it nice and wet for the stroking. Tyler pounded it from multiple angles, as those huge tits and that big booty bounced all over. After Lucy orgasmed, it was his turn, and he pulled out and busted a nut all over her pretty face.


Brooke Benson Latina porn on 8thstreet Latinas

Brooke Benson was a hot Latina we had for you this week on 8thStreet Latinas. We first saw her while we were out cruising around. She was posted by the side of the road holding a sign for yoga classes. Brooke had on this sexy little workout getup that caught our attention. Seth jumped out and started small talk with her. She tried to get him to buy a package of yoga classes, but he had something else in mind. Seth asked her for a demonstration, and Brooke showed off her sexy ass and body in some poses.

Brooke Benson Latina porn on Reality Kings

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Then Seth invited her back to the crib. She was a little hesitant, but he offered to book some sessions, and she warmed up to us after that. Back at the crib, Seth whipped out his cock. Brooke was game and got right to sucking on it. This Latina babe gave some amazing head. Then Seth put that pussy to the test. He put her into all kinds of yoga positions, as he stroked that pussy deep and hard from multiple positions. Brooke got her, and when it was Seth's turn, he pulled out and busted a nut all over her pretty face.


Karmen Bella porn on 8thStreet Latinas

What can we say about kinky Karment Bella, other than she completely blew our minds this week on 8thStreet Latinas. When we first saw this slim beauty, she was by the side of the road selling coconuts. Seth had to talk to her, so the guys pulled over. They asked how much, and she was selling them for next to nothing. Seeing his chance, Seth offered to buy her out if she came and hung out with them by the pool. Off they went. Back at the house, Karmen was wearing a super hot bikini that barely contain her perfect tits.

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Seth got fresh, pulled her top to the side, and poured coco water all over those big, juicy Latina tits and delicious dark nipples. After he gave them a sucking, Karmen got him back with a blow job. Things had heated up, so they went indoors where Seth pounded that pussy deep and hard from various angles. It was a thing of beauty watching those big Latina tits bounce all over, as Karmen got her pussy filled. When Seth couldn't take anymore, he pulled out and busted his load all over her hot boobs and gorgeous face.


Mia Pearl big booty on 8thStreet Latinas

Levi was always scoping leads on new babes to try and get with. This week on 8thStreet Latinas, he got a tip on Mia Pearl and had to go check it out. As the story goes, she was down at the local community pool giving swimming lessons to the kiddies. Even in a one-piece that fully covered her and was appropriate for the job, Mia was so curvy, it caught everyone's attention. There was no hiding those curves, especially that insane big and round Latina ass. Levi pretended to have a kid and chatted Mia up. He invited her out to lunch, and Mia was down with that. After they flirted some more, Mia started flashing her hot Latina tits.

Mia Pearl porn on 8thStreet Latinas

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At that point, there was no waiting for later on. Levi cut to the chase and invited her back to his place. Mia came over bathing suit and all, and they went out by the pool. There we really got a good of view of her insane curves, as she stripped down and showed off those big ripe tits and that perfect ass. Levi was all over that and wasted no time eating her pussy and ass. Mia returned the favor and gave him an insane blow job. Levi pounded that HOT Latina pussy all over and made Mia orgasm hard. When it was finally his turn he pulled out and busted all over her pretty face and sexy body.


Nicki Ortega Latina porn on 8thStreetLatinas

Our man Bambino got the best birthday present ever when Nicki Ortega Jaye Summers decided to surprise him with the gift of pussy. These two fine Latinas came over in their lingerie, and when he answered, he was completely blown away. The surprise really got him. Nicki and Jaye had even brought a cake along with their nice perky tits and ripe asses. Little by little, the girls put on a show for Bambino. They began making out and stripping out of their lingerie. It was smoking hot, and Bambino couldn't wait to get in the middle.

Jaye Summers Latina porn on 8thStreetLatinas

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Nicki and Jaye wasted no time, got down on their knees and started sucking away on his cock. Together they gave one of the best blow jobs in Reality Kings history. Then Jaye got on top and started riding that cock deep in her pussy. Nicki didn't want to be left out, so she bent over and waited to get pounded. After Jaye got her, Nicki orgasmed too, so it was finally Bambino's turn. He pulled out and blasted his load all over their pretty face. Now, that's a birthday!


Latina teen ass Sasha Woodyhaven

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we had the gorgeous, big-booty freak Sasha Woodyhaven. She had come over to the Reality Kings house to do some cleaning and make a little side money. Her friend hooked up the job and didn't explain what went on there. She did tell her though that there was an awesome pool, so to go dressed in a bathing suit, so Sasha could take a dip after cleaning. Right in the middle of cleaning, Tyler and Evan showed up. They had the day off and just wanted to kick it at the house and go in the pool. When Tyler caught one look at the ass on Sasha, he had to get in it.

Sasha Woodyhaven big ass on 8thStreet Latinas

He made some small talk and quickly explained to Sasha what the RK house was all about. Tyler kept giving her compliments, and Sasha was flattered. So when he offered to hook her up with some real cash for an afternoon of sex, she was game. Sasha was not shy. As a matter of fact, she was a total freak. In no time, she had Tyler's cock out and was sucking away on it. This sexy Latina had skills giving head, but could she work the pussy? Tyler found out when he banged that pussy deep, and Sasha rode him hard. She had him cumming buckets. Then she cleaned up and took a dip in the pool.


Ada Sanchez Latina porn on Reality Kings

When it comes to thick Latinas, Ada Sanchez has an ideal body any man would go mad for. When we first encountered her, she was in sexy lingerie that was see-through. Seth had picked her up, and we'd come over to record the encounter. Ada started things off by stripping down and shaking that amazing body all over. She was really pretty and had some insanely massive tits. But it didn't just stop there, Ada had a tiny waist and a huge ass to go along with it. And this Latina babe was all-natural. Seth was in heaven, as he explored her body with his mouth and tongue.

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Ada returned the favor with a hot blow job. By then, Seth couldn't hold back anymore and had to get in that pussy. He pounded Ada's sweet Latina pussy all over the couch. Then Ada rode his cock even deeper, as those big tits bounced up and down from the thrusting. When Seth couldn't take anymore of Ada, he pulled out and busted his load all over her super sexy body. This was a wild one, and Ada is a Latina babe you won't forget about anytime soon.


Maya Grand Latina threesome on Reality Kings

This week on 8thStreet Latinas, we had an awesome threesome for you that featured Maya Grand and Liv Aguilera. Both these fine Latinas were more than ready to get their freak on. Maya was absolutely beautiful and had an amazing body with nice plump tits and a big round ass. Liv was a slim and sexy Latina with some exceptional curves. Before Jake even got there, the girls took it upon themselves to eat of the forbidden fruit, and by that, we mean pussy. Maya and Liv stripped each other down and went at each others tits and pussy.

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They licked each other down and got each other wet. About that time, Jake showed up. The ladies both jumped on his cock at the same time. They tag-teamed his cock and suck it good together. Marc was so fired up that he went wild on those hot Latina pussies. He pounded them deep and hard from multiple angles, as Maya and Liv switched off between his dick. Both the girls got theirs and had orgasms. When it was Marc's turn, he pulled out and blew his load all over those gorgeous faces.

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